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This is only guaranteed if you book an entire cabin (please choose the selection "entire cabin" in the booking process). When booking single beds (e.g. 2 people in a four-bed cabin), accommodation in the same cabin cannot be guaranteed.

Basically not. There is an exception for connections within Greece for island hopping.

We accept credit cards (Visa or Mastercard) or Paypal when booking.

After successful payment, you will receive the ticket as part of the mediation confirmation to the email address specified in the booking. Please make sure that your email address is spelt correctly.

Yes, but only on the ferries from/to Italy to/from Greece and within Greece. Please contact us via our contact form.

In this case, "UNKNOWN" should be specified in the license plate field. Depending on the ferry company, there are costs for the subsequent specification of the license plate. Contact us via the contact form once you know the license plate number.

No. Unfortunately, this is not possible. 

All approved vehicles except trucks/ commercial vehicles can be booked. If the vehicle has a special registration (e.g. lowered), please contact us via our contact form.

Rebooking & Cancellation

In such a case, please contact Support using the contact form.

Cancellation is generally possible. Depending on the ferry company and tariff, different fees may apply. In such a case, please send a cancellation request to Support using the contact form on our website.

On the Road

A ferry ticket is only valid for the crossing booked.

If you miss your ferry, the ticket will be forfeited. Our recommendation: If you can foresee that you will not reach your ferry in time, contact the respective port office or the place where you booked the ticket.

The required identification documents (identity card, passport, visa) depend on the entry regulations of the respective country.

Basically yes. The offer varies depending on the ferry company and ship. You can find more detailed information on this on our ferry company pages.

This depends on the respective ferry company. You can find more information on this on the websites of the ferry companies.

You need a valid travel document, the vehicle registration document and the ticket (confirmation of placement). The necessary identification documents depend on the entry regulations of the respective country.

The check-in times vary and depend on the route and ferry company (especially for crossings to other EU countries / non-Schengen countries). We recommend that you be at the port early. Exact information about the check-in times can be found on the website of the booked ferry company.

Tariffs & Special Requirements

As a rule, the ferry company grants a child discount. The amount of the discount and the age restrictions depend on the shipping company.

Camping on board is "real" camping on board with overnight stays in your mobile home/caravan. The vehicle must be shown as a camping vehicle in the vehicle registration document. Camping on board can only be booked in the period from April 1st to October 31st on Ancona and Bari (on Venice this option is only available if the Hellenic Spirit or Olympic Champion are driving the route, the Asterion II has NO open deck!).

On Ancona there is no early bird tariff for camping on board, in addition, there are departures from Ancona from 01/07-15/08 and back from Greece to Ancona from 01/08-15/09 no discounts at all (not even for ADAC members).
This option is booked by selecting the vehicle category (must always be on "open deck") and deck passage as accommodation for the passengers.

In principle, the carriage is also possible for pregnant women. However, depending on the ferry company, there may be restrictions. We, therefore, recommend that you obtain information from the respective ferry company in advance.

On the last page (page 4) in the booking process, the membership number must be entered in the field provided and sent. Only then the ADAC member discount does apply.

Special needs cabins can be booked with proof of wheelchair access. Please contact us via our contact form.

On page 1 of the booking process: Basically, a non-binding "from" price is displayed based on the entry on the start page (number of people and number of vehicles).

On page 2 of the booking process: If a selection regarding passenger type, accommodation and vehicle type is listed on the price calculation page, these components are included in the price query. By clicking on the "Price Calculation" button, a binding price query can be issued.

This price WILL also be displayed again on the last page in the booking process before a binding order is placed.

Pets on the Ferry

The pet must always be stated when booking. Further information can be found here. Or write to us using the contact form.

The pet must always be stated when booking. Depending on the ferry company and accommodation, there are costs. Further information can be found here. Or write to us using the contact form.

Extra Information

You can find an initial overview of how to discover your holiday destination and practical tips for your travels on the ADAC website. It also includes useful information about customs regulations, traffic rules, travel times, places worth seeing and much more. Also in our blog at