General Information

All approved vehicles except trucks/ commercial vehicles can be booked through ADAC Ferries. All trucks, commercial vehicles and sprinters that are used for moving transport must be booked through the freight department of the shipping company. 

As a rule, the reduction for children is 50%. The reduction amount and specific age restrictions depend on the ferry.

A ferry ticket is only valid for the crossing booked.

Duty-free shopping is available on all crossings between EU and non-EU countries. There is no duty-free shopping on crossings between EU countries.

You can find an overview of your holiday destination and practical tips for your travels under City, Region, Country on www.adac.de. You can also find useful information about customs regulations, traffic rules, travel times, places worth seeing and much more.

If you miss your ferry, your ticket expires. Our recommendation: If you can foresee that you will not be able to reach your ferry on time, please contact the respective port office or the place where you booked your ticket.

In this case please enter UNKNOWN. As soon as the registration number is known, inform us or the shipping company immediately. Depending on the shipping company, fees my arise for the subsequent spicification of the license plate number.

In this case, please contact [email protected] via e-mail. We may have to change your booking and issue a new ticket. In any case, the relevant shipping company must be informed of the change.

This is only guaranteed by booking an entire cabin. When booking single beds (e.g. two people in a four-bed cabin), allocation in the same cabin cannot be confirmed.

You can find out whether you need a passport for your travel destinations in the travel instructions of the Federal Foreign Office.

There are no restrictions on bookings.


Yes, after selecting the favored route, the travel dates page will show. There, you can specify your desired departure date.