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Book your ferry trip easily with ADAC Fähren

With the ferry, the journey to your holiday destination is already a relaxed experience. Booking with ADAC Fähren is just as uncomplicated as the trip itself.

In the following, we explain the individual steps of the booking process in detail.

The booking process consists of 4 simple steps:
1. Search for ferry connections
2. Selection of ferry connections
3. Choice of accommodation
4. Personal Information and Payment

1. Search for ferry connections

You can simply select the ports for the desired route using the map or enter the locations directly in the "From" and "To" fields. After entering the place of departure, you will automatically be shown the possible destinations that can be reached from this port.

Please also enter the desired travel date and the number of people and vehicles. This includes all individuals traveling with you (including children). Vehicles are cars, trailers, campers, motorcycles (etc.). If you have a team, please always enter 2 vehicles. You can specify this information in more detail later.

You can choose between round-trip, one-way ferry journey, and multiple routes. The "Multiple Routes" option is suitable for island hopping in Greece as well as for connections with Anek Superfast between Italy and Greece. A combination of international and domestic Greek routes is not possible. For all other bookings, please select either "One-Way Crossing" or "Round-Trip".

Then click on "Search" to go to the next step.

2. Selection of ferry connections

Now all ferry crossings of the available shipping companies for your specified travel dates are displayed.

Please note that searching for connections can take up to 60 seconds, as we call up the data live from the shipping company systems - you will therefore receive up-to-date information.

You can change your search at any time in the upper navigation bar and start a new search using the "Search" button.

Below you will see the available connections with the name of the shipping company, the name of the ship, the times (local times) and a non-binding price. You can also display possible stopovers.

You can now select the desired connections by clicking on them. You can only select one shipping company per booking. Once you have decided on a connection, connections from other shipping companies are greyed out. Your connection is also displayed in the overview on the right.

In the respective bar above the connections, you can adjust the date and directly see the results for other travel dates. If a date is greyed out, there are no ferry connections available on that day.

When you have selected all the connections you want, go to the next step by clicking on the "Select accommodation" button.

3. Choice of accommodation

In this step, you now need to provide further details about the people traveling, including their gender and passenger type. The passenger type and, particularly, the associated age limits depend on the respective shipping company.

For accommodation, you have a choice of many different types. There are essentially options for a simple deck passage, various seats/recliners, or cabins that you can either partially or fully occupy.

If you have opted for a cabin for your accommodation, you have the options of "Shared Cabin" and "Whole Cabin" to choose from. Choose "Shared Cabin" if you want to book just a bed in a cabin that you share with other travelers. If you prefer to have the cabin to yourself, please select "Whole Cabin."

The types of accommodation depend on the shipping company and the specific ship. So, please pay attention to the precise description of the accommodation. For example, depending on the shipping company, there are special cabins for pets or other specific features.

Once you have provided all the details about the people, you must now provide all the details about the vehicles. The type of vehicle again depends on the selected shipping company. Please select a type that matches your vehicle (see vehicle registration document). Depending on the selected type, you may also need to provide information about the length of the vehicle. A corresponding field will then be displayed for you. The types differentiate, for example, between cars, motorcycles, trailers, motorhomes, etc. Please also pay attention to the exact designation and correct entry of the length.

If you have selected a return trip, the passenger and vehicle data will be automatically inserted. Only the type of accommodation is not adopted and must be selected accordingly.

If a shipping company offers special promotions, the "Available Offers" selection field will be displayed. Please note that these are special offers subject to specific conditions (e.g., non-cancellable). The shipping companies are solely responsible for these offers.

Once all fields are filled in, the "Price Calculation" button will be displayed in green on the right. By clicking on it, you can request the price for the selected crossings.

If you wish to proceed with the listed details and the price, click on "Proceed to Booking" to reach the last step of the ferry booking process.

4. Personal Information and Payment

In this step, you now enter your personal data and the data of the traveller.

Passenger details must exactly match the details on their ID documents. Please enter the details for each traveller.

The contact details are important, as the shipping company can contact you via your email address and mobile phone number if there are delays, for example. It is, therefore, necessary for you to provide a cell phone number (with the relevant country code) so that you can be reached during your trip.

In the billing details, you can tick “Like the first traveller”, and then the data of the first traveller will be adopted. If you are a ADAC member, the billing address must match the ADAC member's address. Otherwise, additional payments may be due at the port office or at check-in on the ferry.

If you are a ADAC member, please enter your ADAC member number in the corresponding field and click on "Price display". The ADAC membership number will be checked and if the confirmation is successful, the ADAC price will be displayed.

Finally, please accept the terms and conditions of the agent ADAC Fähren and the terms and conditions of the shipping company, because the shipping company is your contractual partner for the crossing.

Now complete the booking by clicking on the "Order now and pay" button.

You will then be redirected to the payment page. The available payment methods can be found here.

After the payment has been confirmed by the payment provider and the booking has been accepted by the shipping company, you will receive your booking confirmation with the ticket in PDF form by email.

If you need further help to book your ferry crossing, you can reach us at Contact Us.


We wish you a wonderful journey,
The ADAC Fähren team